School Offer

Hindsford CE Primary School: Special Educational Needs and Disability – School Offer 2022/23 

(This document outlines things which Hindsford CE Primary School can offer for pupils with SEND)

Hindsford CE Primary School values the abilities and achievements of all its pupils and is committed to providing for each pupil the best environment for learning. We recognise the entitlement of all pupils to a balanced and broad curriculum and the need for teaching to be fully inclusive. The Governing Body will ensure that appropriate provision will be made for all pupils with SEN.

Hindsford CE Primary School has formulated this document to sit alongside the Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Policy which outlines the school offer:

• A named Special Educational Needs Coordinator
• A team of staff who work with pupils with additional needs: academic and social/emotional
• Early identification of needs and rigorous tracking of progress
• Support for parents, where appropriate, to apply for an Education, Health and Care Plan
• Links with the Targeted Education Support Service
• Funding to provide Educational Psychologist support
• A budget allocation which is dedicated to securing resources and facilities for SEN pupils
• An inclusive curriculum and swift intervention for those pupils who ‘fall behind’
• A PSHE curriculum which promotes moral and social development including weekly PSHE lessons and nurture support for those pupils who would find it difficult to access
• Support for parents through regular meetings in which their child’s needs are discussed and actions are evaluated
• A Dyslexia Friendly environment (Hindsford CE Primary is officially a ‘Dyslexia Friendly’ School)
• Weekly intervention for pupils with emotional and social difficulties
• Lego Therapy
• Pyramid Club ( to support children with their socialisation)
• 1:1 phonics tutoring for pupils who experience difficulties or lack in confidence
• Differentiated homework
• Teaching Assistants who support pupils with the greatest needs, including a TA dedicated to working with SEN pupils across the school
• After School clubs which target the strengths of all pupils
• 1:1 and Small group support for all areas of the curriculum
• Talking Tables & Talking Partners to develop Speech and Language
• Individual Target Plans for all pupils who are identified as needing support additional to that which they receive in the classroom
• Differentiated Quality First Teaching
• Referrals to outside agencies such as Speech and Language, TESS, Startwell, OT, Social Care, Educational Psychology
• A stimulating environment and a wide range of resources
• Wheelchair friendly access into/within the building and facilities
• Staff trained in Sign Language to support those with sensory difficulties
• Translated documentation to support parents/carers whose first language is not English
• Regular reviews of needs and provision
• A clear discipline system and personalised behaviour policies and plans for individuals who require it
• Communication books
• An accredited ADHD-Friendly School environment
• A variety of interventions for targeted pupils such as Wave 3 Literacy, Maths Recovery, Reading Between The Lines, Active Listening, Attention & Listening, Memory Games, Time to Talk, Talking Tables
• A trained ‘Communication Champion’ who supports the delivery of specialist Speech and Language programmes
• A sensory room to support children with a range of needs and a ‘Calmer Classrooms’ approach to all classroom environments

For information on Wigan Council’s Local Offer, which has taken account parent views, click on the image below: