Motto, Aims, Vision & Values

“Our Best, Always Everywhere.”

At Hindsford CE Primary School, we have a school motto, which is focused on encouraging our children to always do their best.

Our school vision is incredibly important to us and shared by all stakehoders. It is for each and every child to reach their potential and leave Hindsford ready for the next stage of their life.

“For every child to reach their full potential and live life in all its fullness.” John 10:10

To ensure that we achieve our vision, Hindsford is committed to:

– Creating an environment where all children, parents & staff are cared for and supported.

– Creating a school that is learning centered.

– Creating an environment that is dynamic, innovative and challenging.

– Developing a school family that is Christian based and is at the heart of the Community.

– Working towards a sustainable school environment.

– Offering pupils extended opportunities for learning and creativity.

-Ensuring that lessons are focused, engaging and progressive.

-Ensuring that Hindsford is fully inclusive of all that it does.

At Hindsford CE Primary, pupils and adults adhere to a set of core values. These are the values which our whole school community endeavour to refer to in everyday exchanges. Each class has been assigned a value which they will be responsible for promoting in and around school and identifying in others.