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Homework Curriculum Leader: Miss Dempsey


Hindsford CE Primary School recognises that learning should be extended beyond the classroom and appreciates the importance of involving parents/carers in the learning of their child. It is therefore the intent of the school to provide homework that is:

  • Engaging and fun for the children to complete.

  • Manageable with regard to the amount of homework set.

  • Appropriate in the level that the homework has been set at.

  • Accessible for all and therefore adapted when needed.

  • Useful in supporting learning.


The implementation of homework set out below was devised from a whole school consultation with children, parents, staff and governors in September 2018. The feedback from this consultation was critical in the decisions made on both the content and amount set.

At Hindsford CE Primary School, homework is split in to 2 sections:

  • Essential (Handed out Weekly)

  • Optional (Set Half Termly)

Essential Homework:


Each week, the children will take home two books 1) A School Reader 2) A Library Reader and it is the expectation of the school that child reads these at home at least 3 times a week for 15 minutes each time. This must be signed in the child’s planner.

  • If the pupil is off the school’s reading scheme, the school reader will be a book from the school library as directed/recommended by the class teacher.

  • If the pupil is on the reading scheme from Stages 6 to 12, the school reader will be a book from this reading scheme.

  • If the pupil is following the Little Wandle Phonics Programme, the school reader will be a book linked to the Phonics Phase that they are working at. This book will have been read three times in school under the school’s Reading Practice approach to school.

Any child who is not reading regularly, in this case 3 times per week, will be asked to complete this in their own time during the school day.

Rewards are given each half term for children that are reading regularly each week, with the possibility that they may be voted as Reader of the Month.









A list of spellings will be sent home weekly and will be linked to the spelling rules and the statutory word list for their year group. These spellings will be changed once they have completed their weekly spelling test.

Click on the link below to find out what spellings the children will be asked to learn how to spell in each year group.

TT Rockstars:

All the children have a log in code for TT Rockstars and it is the expectation of the school that the children go on TT Rockstars at least three times a week. The school has carried out a survey to ensure that all children have access to a computer, with alternative homework being set if the pupil is unable to log on.

Optional Homework:

Each half-term, the class teacher will send home a list of possible project ideas for a topic/theme. At the end of each half term, there will be a ‘Homework Fayre’ where all of the projects will be presented for other children, staff and parents to come in and view and prizes will be given for creativity and factual accuracy.

Homework Gallery:


The intended impact of the Homework Policy is for the children to:

  • speak positively about their homework.

  • feel proud of their achievements at home.

  • spend time with their family engaged in an activity.

  •  be more confident and able in reading, spelling and timestables.

  • be supported with their learning in school.

This will be assessed by:

  • Regular pupil voice sessions.

  • Record keeping of the number of pupils completing their homework regularly each week.

  • Quality of homework projects handed in.

  • Increase in speed of TT Rock Stars.

  • Regular parent/carer voice sessions.