Wigan Council – Metrofresh – Catering

Metrofresh provide all the school meals for Hindsford. Each meal is prepared fresh everyday with the ingredients of each meal being carefully selected to ensure that the children receive a well-balanced meal.


Click on the apple below to view the current menu.

At Hindsford, we have an electronic system which allows the children to order their meal each day. This ensures that the children receive the meal that they like and one that they have selected on the day.

Allergies and Food Intolerances

Some of the items on the menu above may contain nuts, seeds and other allergens. If your child is allergic to any of these items or have any other allergies, please speak to someone in school who will be able to help you make an alternative choice.

We understand the dangers to those with severe allergies or food intolerances.

Owing to the nature of our operation, food is prepared in an environment where allergens are present, therefore, we cannot fully guarantee that any food or drinks will be completely free from allergens.