Swimming Guidelines for Parents:

Government guidelines state that by the time children complete primary school they should be able to swim 25 metres.

All relevant medical information must be transmitted to school and must be updated throughout the year if required (especially regarding asthma).

Swimming costumes must be ASA regulation type. Boys wear trunks , not shorts and girls wear one piece swimsuits, not bikinis.

No Jewellery may be worn.

If your child has a verruca it is recommended that they are covered by a waterproof sock

Hair must be secured off the face at all times by a clip or a band, if not a bathing cap should be worn.

If your child is unable to swim then school should be informed through your child’s planner.

Swimming Results:

Within the current Year 6 Cohort:

  • 90% of pupils can swim 25 metres.
  • 75% of pupils can use a range of different strokes effectively.
  • 75% of pupils can perform safe self rescue in different water based situations.

Year 6, will at the end of this year particpate in a 1 week Swimming Top Up Course to support the pupils with strengthening their swimming skills and abilites for those that have already met the above targets and for the other pupils to support with meeting the above targets.