Science Co-ordinator: Mr Finch

Bringing Science alive is at the heart of Hindsford. Encouraging children to question the:

of the world around them supports children in their development of scientific questioning and logical thinking.

Children participate in Science once a week for up to 2 hours, which will always include the children participating in at least one scientific experiment per half term.

Below is a copy of the long term curriculum map from Year 1 to Year 6.

Examples of Work

The children at Hindsford take pride in their work, they also like to be challenged. Below are some examples of challenges that the teachers have set at the end of a piece of work.

 Have Fun!

Click on the links below to be transported to other websites all about Science, some with interactive games for you to play and get involved with.







Be Safe!

Click on the button below which will take you to the Science risk assessment that we use in school to ensure that all of our Science lessons are safe.