Greater Depth

On the INSET Day 4th September, the staff of Hindsford worked together to decide the key actions for the School Development Plan.

As a school, it was identified that we need to further develop the level of challenge that we are offering our  higher attaining children.

This year therefore, Greater Depth is one of the key issues on our School Development Plan with Mr Finch the assigned senior leader to this issue. Below is a copy of the action plan produced by the Greater Depth Team during the INSET.

The following actions have been agreed to be carried out in the forthcoming terms.

Autumn Term:

1) Produce a higher able register so that staff are more informed and knowledgeable about the attainment and progress of this particular group of pupils.

2) Provide CPD for staff on what Greater Depth is and how to differentiate for this during lessons.

3) Work closely with the Reading & Reasoning SDP teams to develop questioning in problem solving and comprehension so that this challenges higher attaining pupils at an effective level.

4) Research into computer programmes such as Serial Mash and Espresso that could be offered to the higher attaining pupils to access at home.

Spring Term:

1) Orgnaise and engage in competitions and events aimed to challenge the higher attaining pupils.

2) Timetable TAs to work with higher attaining children during lessons so that additional challenge can be offered.

3) Introduce afterschool and lunchtime clubs specifically for higher attaining pupils.

Summer Term:

1) Plan additional homework tasks for higher attaining pupils to complete. 2) Higher attaining pupils to produce tutorials for other pupils.


  • A Greater Depth staff meeting was held on 27th September which developed the teachers skills in adapting a problem so that they present more challenge and reasoning to the most able pupils.


  • The ‘Pink Makes You Think’ campaign was launched in addition to the new approach to the marking of non-negotiables and teacher challenges. This is currently working well by challenging the children to consistently read back their work, edit and up-skill. Below are some children who shared their best mistake in collective worship and spoke to the children about what that had learnt about this.


  • A pupil voice was carried out which some of the following statments were made by the pupils. pupils
  1. “Being challenged is good, because it makes your brain work harder.” (Year 4 Pupil)
  2. “ I love the teacher challenge because it makes me smarter.” (Year 2 Pupil)
  3. “In our class, we focus on learning and making learning harder, this is really important to us.” (Year 6 Pupil)
  4. Pink makes you think is good because it challenges us. (Year 3 Pupil)


  • Work carried out with regards to teacher challenges in other subjects. The is evidenc of this seen in a recently Science book monitoring session.


Today we launched our explain it to an alien blog. Year 5 have been explaining how a money problem could not have the right answer. Check out our blog hand see if you have a better explanation.