On the INSET Day 4th September, the staff of Hindsford worked together to decide the key actions for the School Development Plan.

As a school, it was identified that we need to increase the end of year GLD in Reception. This is particualrly for Boys & Pupil Premium Pupils.

This year therefore, Early Years is one of the key issues on our School Development Plan with Miss Dempsey the assigned senior leader to this issue. Below is a copy of the action plan produced by the Early Years Team during the INSET.


The following actions have been agreed to be carried out in the forthcoming terms.


1) Audit resources which could be used to engage/interest targeted pupils.

2) Order resources which could be used to enhance continuous provision and further develop Maths, Reading & Writing.

3) Carry out baseline assessments and produce tracking document which can be used to track progress as well as identify key areas of learning.

4) Ensure key workers are aware of areas of development so that these can be targeted i.e. pencil grip, increased writing and reading opportunities, development of fine motor skills etc.

5) Create pupil passports for children identified as ‘at risk.’


1) Orgnaise parent stay & play days so that parents are kept well informed about learning and progress.

2) Place a greater focus on story time in different locations / people etc so that reading for pleasure is encouraged.

3) Identify pupils that would benefit from nurture provision.

4) Introduce learning challenges in provision.


1) Orgnaise and implement tuition clubs for targeted pupils.

2) Increase level of reading tasks across the cohort and homework.

3) Begin transition programme for transition into Year 1.

September 2017: 

  • All baseline assessments completed.
  • New tracking system implemented.
  • New equipment arrived and continuous provision areas set up with additional areas designed to specifically engage boys.
  • Target groups identified.

October 2017:

  • Parents evening held to share the attainment and progress of each pupil.
  • Phonics, Reading, Maths & Health Parent/Carer Workshops carried out to support learning at home.
  • Lesson observation carried out looking at the impact of the new continuous provision area and the quality of teaching & learning.
  • Pupil progress meeting carried out to discuss attainment and progress of all pupils.

November 2017:

  • Lesson study looking at how children are assessing the continuous provision area, how many boys are answering questions, particpating in learning activites etc. Also focus on how the most able pupils are being challenged.