Collective Worship

Collective Worship Curriculum Leader: Mrs Mitchell & Mrs Holden

Response to Covid-19

During the 2021 national lockdown, we taught Worship remotely. Each week there was a Picture News Worship, Bible Story Worship and Celebration Worship. In addition, Reverend Tracy carried out a live Community Worship on zoom every fortnight.

During this difficult time, it was really important for the children to know that God was with them each step of the way. We spent time exploring the Footprints poem and discussing how God gives us strength and guidance whenever we need him.


The intent of the Collective Worship Programme at Hindsford is to:

  • Provide regular opportunities for the children to participate in collective prayer and reflection.

  • Frequently share and discuss stories from the Bible and discover the meaning and learning of these stories.

  • Explore the meaning of each School Christian Value and express what this means to them.

  • Build strong relationships with members of the school church and local community via the holding of regular Family Worships and Community Events.

  • Encourage the children to think about current issues in the world and what they can do to contribute to the healing or improvement of this – i.e. charity work/prayer/changing their actions etc.

  • Explore with the children the power of faith and how this can guide and support them in all that they do.

  • Submerge the children in the joy of singing God’s words.

  • Create opportunities for the children to explore that of other faiths and gain a good understanding and mutual respect of their beliefs, culture and traditions.

  • Allow the children to connect with God and welcome him into their life if they choose to do so.


Every day the children engage in at least 20 minutes of worship each day. To ensure that all aspects of the intent are delivered, the following Collective Worship Timetable is in place which is followed each week:

Monday: Mrs Holden – Picture News – What is happening in the world?

Tuesday: Mrs Holden – Exploring Bible Stories on the Christianity Timeline


Wednesday: Class Worship – Exploring personal and class issues – Use of the Class Reflection Areas

Thursday: Reverend Tracy Marshall – Family Worship – Exploring the School Christian Values

Friday: Miss Dempsey – Celebrating God’s Work

During each Worship, a variety of different approaches will be used to engage the children and allow them to connect with God in different ways. These are as follows:

  • Singing

  • Thought

  • Prayer

  • Stories

  • Drama

  • Bible Readings

  • Reflection

  • Thought


The intended impact of the Collective Worship Programme is that the children will:

  • gain an expected or higher level of attainment in RE.

  • be able to connect with God and welcome him into their life, if they choose to do so.

  • have a good understanding of the Christian Values and use these when making decisions and within their everyday actions in relation to others and the world that they live in.

  • have a good understanding of other faiths so that they show respect to this.

  • have developed skills to pray and reflect.

  • have a secure understanding of the teaching of the Bible and Gods words.

Collective Worship Council:

To become a member of the Worship Council, the children have to submit a paragraph of writing explaining why they would like to become a councillor. The staff Worship Team then look at all of the applications and decide who to appoint for this role.

Usually, the Worship Council is made up of one child from each year group from Year 1 to Year 5 and two Year 6 children. However, due to Covid-19 and the children being unable to mix year groups, this year, the council has been made up of just Year 3 & 4 children as these year groups have been operating in a mega bubble. As a result of the school going into lockdown, unfortunately the council was unable to meet during the Spring Term and only reformed in Summer 2.

The role of the Worship Council is to plan and deliver Worship each week and collect feedback from the children, staff and parents about Worship and how this can be developed further. Also, to collect the prayers at the end of each week from the Reflection Areas.

Below are photographs of the minutes taken during the Autumn Term and the jobs that the Worship Council carried out.

The two main areas for development that the Council asked for was:

  1. For Worships to explore other religions more and learn about the festivals and celebrations that take place within these religions.

  2. For Worships to re-visit the stories in the Bible in order that they appear in the Bible and Understanding Christianity Timeline.

Both of these suggestions were addressed during the Spring and Summer Term, which can be seen in the planning below and in the photographs of our Collective Worship Book this year.

Collective Worship Planning:

Collective Worship Gallery:

Evidence of the work carried out during each Collective Worship is recorded in a floor book. Below are photographs of the entries in the Worship Diary from September 2020.

School Values Worship:

To begin the year, the children worked together to explore the school vision and values in more detail and what these mean to them.

During the Autumn Term, we explored the school values Kindness, Love & Friendship.

We began by looking at the story of the Good Samaritan and how this person showed all three of these values by stopping to help the injured man.

To show Kindness, Love & Friendship the children raised money for Macmillan Cancer and learnt about how this charity helps others.

The children looked at a passage taken from the Gospel according to Matthew 22: 36-40.

The children talked about the different aspects of Love, it being materialistic, about relationships and also about God & world that he created. They explored a passage taken from the Gospel according to John 15:13.

The children asked themselves the question why should a Christian show love to God?

To show members of the community that we cared about them during lockdown, we wrote letters and cards to Brookdale Court.

As the chidlren learn that beauty lies within the person, we wached a scene from the greatest Showman and talked about the importance of kindness and showing kindness to whoever needs it.

We also watched a scene from the film Ugly and talked about the importance of not discrimination people for the way that they look. God loves us no matter what.

 We looked at some rotting fruit in a fruit bowl and talked about how unkindness can spread without intervention. This is why God requires us to complete his work. They looked at the passage James 4: 7 – 8 and discussed the importance of resisting the devil.

The children read a story about friendship and how we should spread friendship just as Jesus did his love.

The children explored the Bible passage Proverbs 17:17 and what this passage is saying about love.

At Christmas, the children explored how they can show love, kindness & friendship at Christmas.

During Spring term 1, the children learnt about Truthfulness.

The children read a story about the Honest Woodcutter.

They also explored the Bible passage John 3:18.

The children read the story of Zachaeus and how Jesus helped in to be honest.

During Spring 2, the children learnt about Self-Control.

The children talked about Jesus in the desert and the self-control that he had when tempted by the devil.

The children thought some times that they had shown self-control and shared these with the class.

During Summer 1, the children learnt about the Christian value Forgiveness. They first explored the Bible passage Matthew 18: 21-22.

The children talked about why forgiveness is hard.


The new value for Summer 2, is Respect.

Picture News Worship:

Click on the video below to view all the work that has been carried out during Picture news Worships.

Understanding Christianity Worship:

Each week, the children read a story in the Bible. These are orgnaised in order of when they appear in the Bible.

It takes 2 years for all the stories to be read and explored.

This year, in the cycle, the first story that the children read was the Tower of Babel.

RE Learning Walk: