On the INSET Day 4th September, the staff of Hindsford worked together to decide the key actions for the School Development Plan.

As a school, it was identified that we need to further develop the assessment of other subjects, in addition to ensure more consistency with the assessment of Reading, Writing & Maths.

This year therefore, Assessment is one of the key issues on our School Development Plan with Mrs Holden the assigned senior leader to this issue. Below is a copy of the action plan produced by the Assessment Team during the INSET.


Actions: Autumn

1) Collate all assessment data onto one tracking sheet per year group so that class teachers can track progress overtime more effectively.

2) Develop and agree new assessment procedures & provide training sessions and support clinics for staff.

3) Timetable regular assessment weeks and pupil progress meetings.

4) Discuss, agree and input end of year predicted targets.

5) Produce a termly data report for each subject.

6) Review the success of new assessment procedures and amend accordingly.


1) Review pupil passports and assess how successful this system is in moving learning on.

2) Produce exemplar resources to support with the assessment of writing and other subjects where necessary.

3) Explore the role of the TA in assessment and how TAs can support with this process.

4) Look at the assessment of PSHE and further develop this across the school.

5) Produce a termly data report for each subject.

6) Ensure moderation of assessment is taking place both in school and across other schools.


1) Timetable transition assessment meetings for previous and post teachers to discuss and agree end of year assessments grades.

2) Produce end of year data report for each subject.



  • Collation of data overtime completed and placed onto one tracking sheet per class. Tracking sheets with staff shared and explained to all staff.
  • Filters added to tracking sheets so that selected information can be obtained quickly.
  • Learning objectives for each year group in Reading, Writing & Maths agreed and implemented.
  • National Curriculum Objectives agreed to be linked to lesson objectives so that teaching is focused and set at the right level.


  • Subject leaders reviewed current assessment procedures for other subjects and amended these so that they meet the National Curriculum objectives more clearly.
  • A template for recording the assessment of other subjects was agreed and implemented with progression in skills overtime showed clearly.
  • First round of assessment in Reading, Writing & Maths completed.


  • Pupil progress meetings took place with the attainment and progress of every pupil being discussed.
  • Data report produced.
  • Targets set for intervention during Autumn 2.
  • End of Year predictions agreed.