Admissions to School

Admissions to Primary School – Reception 2022

Hindsford CE Primary School is a Voluntary Controlled school. All our admission arrangements are arranged by the Wigan Authority. Please contact the Local Authority if you have any queries regarding admissions.

Timetable for Admissions to Reception Class September 2022:

  • Admission information will become available – Sept 2021.
  • On-line application service will open – 1st October 2021
  • Closing date for applications will be 15th January 2022.
  • Offers will sent out to parents – .
  • Start Date – September 2022.

Admissions Policy/Arrangements:

Hindsford CE Primary School is a one form entry school with a total capacity for 210 pupils.

The maximum number of children admitted to Reception class is 30.

Admission Criteria:

  1. Children with special educational needs which names the school
  2. Children in public care
  3. Children whose older brother or sister attend the school and who will still be there at the time of admission *
  4. Other children living closest to the school. Distance is measured on a survey map in a straight line

In the event of over subscription in any one criterion, priority will be given to those living nearest to school.

* Brothers and sisters include half or step brothers and sisters, and foster brothers and sisters, who are living at the same address as part of the same family unit.

If your child is turning 11 between 1st September 2021 and 31st August 2022, he or she will transfer to secondary school at the start of the new school year in September 2022

Wigan Local Authority administers the admission procedure. Parents who are not offered a place can appeal against the decision.

Parents/Carers will need to contact the Local Authority on 01942 489013 or visit Wigan Council – Primary School Admissions online to learn more about the process of admission for Hindsford CE School.

Admissions to High School

Transfer from Primary to Secondary School

 Timetable for Admissions to Secondary School 2022-2023:

  • Admission booklets available online – September 2021
  • Online application service opens – 15th September 2021
  • Closing date for applications – 31st October 2021
  • Applications Processed – October 2021 to February 2022
  • Offer letters sent to parents – 1st March 2022
  • Start Date – September 2022

The online application process is now closed. You should have received a letter to remind you to apply.

The Admissions Portal may ask for your child’s Unique Identification Number (UID) when you apply.  You can still apply without the UID. If the Admissions Portal does not ask for your UID it means that your child’s details have automatically been matched to their record and you won’t need to enter it

For More Information about Admissions, please image on the link below: